I know it’s early on a Friday but I think this may be the highlight of my day. It’s rainy, I’m soggy and I walk into the dry, warm comfort of the library to find a guy giving a poetry talk, he’s comparing Henry Lawson’s Australia bush to edgy urban landscapes. He has completely captivated the kids from the nearby highschool who’ve come to listen. 

He puts down the microphone to read one of his own poem and in a loud voice proclaims:

“Go back to where you came from you dirty terrorist…”

A man walking past jumps away in alarm

“That’s what he said to me*…” 

Those half listening visibly relax. 

It’s a powerful poem about not getting pushed into victimhood by bigotry. 

I saw the poster about this earlier in the week but completely forgot about it.  His name s Zohab Khan and he’s going to be part of Write Around the Murray this year. Definitely worth checking out.

I wish I had of caught the whole thing.

*Might be a slight misquote