In which Morgan’s privilege is exposed for all to see.

So a lot of people I love have fallen on harder than normal times and I feel bad about chasing them for sponsorship. So instead of doing the refugee challenge the way they suggest I’m doing it like this:

I’m keeping track of the difference in money I would normally spend on feeding my face and the amount it costs to put together the ration pack. At the end I’ll donate the difference to Act for Peace. I know it’s not much but I figure its slightly better than nothing.

You can watch my pitiful progress here and donate to Act for Peace via my sponsorship page if that is your jam.

No pressure though obviously, I’m choosing to do this to experience a tiny bit of the refugee reality,  and I totally get that it’s hard to donate money some times. So I’m not actively canvassing for donations.

Day I forgot and had a coffee…
Day 1 take 2

Midday – Still in bed kind of studying, kind of parenting. Because why get up if there is no coffee.