1. The bus…. the fucking bus. We got financial, accommodation and emotional support to start the project then my mental health went off the rails…. 
  2. The Podcast…. the “Nobody Cares” podcast was supposed to drop in May, and I have material recorded for it… I still want to get it done… But again I took on too much and fell in a heap…
  3. The 100 days of blog posts… I think I got 6 days in before I hit a day where I couldn’t get out of bed. Or think clearly, let alone write.
  4. The Ration Challenge…. not all hope for this one is lost yet, but I took it on without thinking about the logistics of timing and the impact on my mental health. 
  5. A thousand projects I have thrown myself into in a manic attempt to make my life mean something, before having to unpick the mess I have made.

    This may seem like a self indulgent winge, and honestly it is, but all of this amounts to a whole bunch of broken promises. I just feel like I have to apologize.

    I’m sorry to everyone who invested any hope or more concrete things into any of my broken promises. I’m trying so hard to fight this urge to take on massive things and take people with me. I’m sorry for my behaviour and I’m just plain sorry.

    I’m trying to fix this part of me and I’m only doing this so publicly because I do not want to assume who I’ve hurt and who I haven’t.