Nobody cares about your....

Uni articles caravanning literature art games and assorted hippy nonsense


I never quite know what to write for this bit so I thought I’d follow the old primary school news format.
who: my name is morgan, sometimes going by eskimorgan or morgan mushroom online. I’m a mum, a partner and a generally disorganised and vague individual.
what: what is this blog about? A bit of everything really but if you are looking for domething in particular like craft, uni papers or our bus conversion it might be worth navigating by category.
why: I write this blog for a few reasons. It is a way to organise my thoughts, a promotional tool and a way of sharing resources.
where: I’m located in Albury Nsw australia but you can find me on facebook (monkey said the mushroom), steam (eskimorgan) and freelancer.
Feelings: excitement, trepidation, disapointment, boredom, curiosity, blind enthusiasm


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